VIK invites you to the next session of the study group java web applications.
This session will give you an introduction to the Spring framework.

Study group java web applications

Since april 2004 the study group java web applications organizes each month from september
until may sessions on java and related subjects.More information on past and future sessions
can be found at http://www.gertcuppens.org


The next session will be held on monday 29th of may '06 at the VIK-house in Wommelgem near Antwerp.
Gerrit Cap will talk about the Spring framework and the IOC design pattern to build web applications.
The architecture of an Enterprise system will be explained : Data access, business logic and the presentation layer.
Other subjects during this session are the support classes within the Spring framework which allow us
to build an Enterprise System. Furthermore we'll take a look at the integration of other frameworks like
Hibernate and Struts. Finally, Gerrit will give a preview on Aspect Oriented Programming.


If you're interested in this session, you can register at http://www.gertcuppens.org or http://www.vik.be,
or you can send an email to gertcuppens@skynet.be.
A route description to the VIK-house can be found at vik.be.
The session starts at 20.00 h.

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