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Stephan Janssen

Stephan Janssen is a serial entrepreneur that has founded several successful organizations such as the Belgian Java User Group (BeJUG) in 1996, JCS Int. in 1998, JavaPolis/Devoxx in 2001 and recently in 2006.

He has been using Java since its early releases in 1995 with experience of developing and implementing real world Java solutions in the finance and manufacturing industries. Stephan was until recently the CTO of the Java Competence Center at RealDolmen but now works full time on and the Devoxx organization.

He was selected by BEA Systems as the first European (independent) BEA Technical Director.

He has also been recognized by the Server Side as one of the 54 Who is Who in Enterprise Java 2004.

Sun has recognized in 2005 his efforts for the Java Community and has engaged me in the Java Champion project.

He has spoken at numerous Java and JUG conferences around the world.

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