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SAGA Consulting

SAGA Consulting is your Local partner. This means we are close to you, close to your needs, we understand the context of your problems, our management is available quickly to listen to your issues. With offices in Wavre, Zaventem and Hasselt, we are dedicated to partner closely with you and your organization. Our consultants are tri-lingual and have the same company culture as yours.

SAGA Consulting is your Solid partner. In 10 years, we achieved to have more than 350 consultants working everyday to help you in your I.T. With a turnover of more than 30 million EUR in 10 years, we have been selected twice as the fastest growing company in his sector by Trends-Magazine. We now offer I.T. services from development, project, maintenance, web sites, hosting, open-source, consultancy,... We are still here for long years... with you... You can count on us.

SAGA Consulting is a Dynamic partner. We have always been listening to our customers' concerns in order to provide them with the best appropriate solutions. We use the standard technologies and methodologies to solve problems in the most adequate way for our customers. We are not a big inefficient organization, we believe in the creativity of our workforce to find new concepts and services that will let us help you better. This year, we start new initiatives in the fields of open-source and business consultancy. We believe in innovation and want to be part of it.

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