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For every serious Java-developer and/or company working with Java-technology it is a must to become a member of the BeJUG.
If you want to stay up-to-date, network with local Java developers, freelancers and Java related companies then this is the way to do it, just become a BeJUG member.

Membership fee:

Name Price (Euro) * Extra Information **
Personal Membership
A Personal membership, this membership is linked to one specific person and can not be ported.
Includes a sponsorship package

* All prices are exclusive 21% VAT
** Membership is valid for 12 months

BeJUG membership enrollment is through email, contact us with your personal/company info to become a BeJUG member and to receive an invoice.

Membership benefits:

Access to all BeJUG evening sessions for a year starting on the month in which you pay your membership fee.

Important Note

The BeJUG membership allows you to attend freely any BeJUG organized evening session excluding Devoxx

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