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Java WebSockets Hackathon


JSR 356 provides Java developers with an API for dealing with websockets. Both the server-side and the client-side (initiating a connection) are covered. This JSR will be part of Java EE 7, and is in its final steps near inclusion in Java EE 7.

As part of the AdoptAJSR program, we try to gather interest in this API, and we want to provide feedback to the Expert Group.
We will start with a very basic tic-tac-toe real-time (JavaFX) client-server game, fix the gaps (e.g. write an HTML5/ client?) and discuss the API and the reference implementation (tyrus).

Get a headstart by downloading the project at


Johan Vos and Stijn van den Ende


Oracle Belgium, Medialaan 50/A, 1800 Vilvoorde


  • March 6th from 19h00 till 22h00
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