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Integration with Apache Camel and ESB


The purpose of this presentation/demo is to show you how easy it is to design integration between systems (web services, file systems, database, queue engine) using the projects Camel, ServiceMix and ActiveMQ of the foundation Apache.

First part :

  • Presentation of the projects Camel, ServiceMix and ActiveMq
  • Description of the topologies proposed : messaging, osgi, web, ...
  • High-availability and scalability (ServiceMix and/or ActiveMQ)

Second part :

  • Making of of the demo solution
  • Transpose it into camel DSL language
  • Coding of WebService (using Apache CXF), DAO and Persistence layer (Spring + Hibernate JPA) and Web layer (Apache Wicket),
  • Development of Camel routes,
  • Packaging and Deployment
  • Demo

(view as slideshow)


Ir. Charles Moulliard is a Senior Solution Architect with more than 15 years of expertise in design of solution based on J2EE / .NET technologies. As an architect, he has been involved in system integration of client projects in Financial and Banking world. The skills (Methodology, UML, RUP, Project Management - Prince2, Telecommunication, Network, Security, Perl, Java, c#, CORBA, Web Development, RDBMS, Middleware) that he acquires during its career path have help him to address business, functional, security and infrastructure requirements and transpose them into operable and efficient solutions. He is also fascinated to train people on new emerging technologies like SOA, OSGI and ESB and provide consultancy for FUSE clients. As an Apache Committer he contributes since several years on the projects Apache Camel, Karaf and ServiceMix and uses those technologies as standards for integration project.

Charles is an Engineer in Agronomy (1992) and holds a Master Degree in Biology (1988).

Date & Location

June 9th from 19h00 till 21h00 in Louvain-la-Neuve

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