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EJB 3.1


With the official release of Java EE 6 in December 2009 a new version of the Enterprise JavaBeans specification also saw the light. Enterprise JavaBeans is an architecture for the development and deployment of component-based business applications. Applications written using the Enterprise JavaBeans architecture are scalable, transactional, and concurrent.

While a lot of faithful EJB developer's have been scared away from the specification and some of its unfortunate implementations in the past five years, EJB 3.1 has all the ingredients that make for a successful lightweight component based implementation. At last a decent implementation of a server-side component framework as part of the Java EE specification. This no longer makes you dependent on rebel frameworks such as the Spring framework.

EJB 3.1 continues down the path where EJB 3.0 left us off. The purpose of the Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1 specification is to further simplify the EJB architecture by reducing its complexity from the developer's point of view, while also adding new functionality in response to the needs of the community. Although the Java Persistence API was developed within EJB 3.0, it now evolves under a separate JSR rather than within EJB 3.1 and will therefore not be covered in this presentation.

This presentation will mainly focus on the new features introduced by EJB 3.1 and the basics of EJB are only covered very briefly. Topics covered include: EJB Lite, simple packaging, no-interface local view, portable JNDI names, Embeddable API, Startup/shutdown callbacks, Singleton beans, the new and improved timer and scheduler component, Async invocations, and REST integration.


Bert Ertman is a Technology Manager for Info Support's Competence Center Java. He is responsible for stimulating innovation, knowledge sharing, coaching, technology choices and presales activities. Besides his day job he is a Java User Group leader for NLJUG, the Dutch Java User Group (3500+ members). He is a frequent speaker on Java (SE/EE) and Software Architecture related topics as well as an author and member of the editorial advisory board for Dutch software development magazines: Java Magazine and Software Release Magazine. In 2008, Bert was honored by being awarded the coveted title of Java Champion by an international panel of Java leaders and luminaries.

Bert wrote a series of articles concerning both EJB 3.0 and EJB 3.1 technology for Java Magazine, and presented on this subject on numerous occasions.

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