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Adopt JSR-356: The Java API for WebSockets

BeJUG has adopted JSR-356, Java Api for WebSockets

This JSR is currently in early draft review, and is expected to be in public review in December 2012.


First JIRA issue has been posted by Johan Vos (BeJUG)

If you want to participate in this JSR adoption, send an email to Johan Vos

The family of HTML5 technologies has pushed the pendulum away from rich client technologies and toward ever-more-capable Web clients running on today's browsers. In particular, WebSocket brings new opportunities for efficient peer-to-peer communication, providing the basis for a new generation of interactive and "live" Web applications. This session examines the efforts under way to support WebSocket in the Java programming model, from its base-level integration in the Java Servlet and Java EE containers to a new, easy-to-use API and toolset that are destined to become part of the standard Java platform.

Speaker: Jitendra Kotamraju (November - Devoxx 2012)

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