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Activiti in Action


Learn about Activiti and how you can benefit from the BPM and workflow features in your next Java project.
One aspect of Business Process Management (BPM) is to facilitate the collaboration between business people and developers.

But also developers find it often just the simplest way to implement their requirements. When dealing with task lists, timers and asynchronous messages, it can be a challenge to bind all the hooks and eyes together. In these asynchronous architectures, Activiti is at its best.

With Activiti, developers can create an overview diagram that represents the overall transactional control flow. We'll show how easy it is to link this process to your Java domain logic classes.

Another interesting aspect of using Activiti is that you get the valuable history analysis reports and audit logs for free. For example, how many successful deals did we have for each region in less then 20 days. Or who gave permission for this purchase and what was the motivation. By default, the Activiti engine collects information for each process execution.

In this session we'll demonstrate these features as well as the different components of the Activiti project.

Part 2 by Tom Baeyens is available here

(view as slideshow)


Tom Baeyens is project lead of Activiti, a new BPMN 2.0 process engine. Formerly founder of jBPM. Passionate about bringing BPM and workflow features in the hands of Java developers.

Joram Barrez is a senior software engineer at Alfresco. He started his career as a consultant, where he discovered the power of open-source BPM in Java. During one of his BPM evangelization talks, he met Tom, which eventually led to him joining JBoss/Red Hat. As a jBPM core developer, Joram was involved with the design and development of jBPM versions 3 and 4. Together with Tom, Joram recently joined Alfresco and the Activiti team. Joram is a devoted open-source BPM advocate, and never ceases to spread the message of the next generation in BPM through his blog and live presentations at JDD, Devoxx, JUGs, etc.

Date & Location

March 31st from 19h00 till 21h00 in Louvain-la-Neuve

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